Secrets of the Pros Pro Series Advanced Concepts v I

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  • New Pro Series Training: Advanced Concepts: Volume I

New Pro Series Training: Advanced Concepts: Volume I

Mid to pro level

In this volume you'll find the very best "secrets" we based our name upon. We will show you audio concepts missed by most $100k recording schools, and unknown by many top engineers and producers.

Plus it will help you get better results out of any audio system including your home theater.Did you know that you can increase the performance of a loud speaker just by placing it properly? Did you know you should never have two speakers next to each other? We guarantee you will love these videos.

Oh, and yes we do guarantee all of our training.

We will also take you into one of the best studios in the world where Manny will share detailed secrets on audio, acoustics, speakers, and mixing that you can use to make your experience of music better in every way.

Some consider this our best training yet and we are sure you will learn valuable secrets. Our Lead Trainer designed the room in the picture and can help you with simple changes that lead to big improvement.

If you don't set up your studio properly it will make it extremely difficult to get your mixes right.

Did you know that almost all engineers and producers set up their speakers the wrong way? Did you know you can improve the performance of a speaker by 50% or more just by where you place it in a room?

This video series will show you the hard science behind this, and show you how to make simple, and inexpensive adjustments in your system to improve it's performance dramatically.

In the next picture you see Manny in the control room of Studio A. Manny designed the upgrade for this room that cost over $700,000 and was where Metallica made 5 records, Dave Matthews made 2, etc ... it's an incredible place to make music. You can get similar results at home too!

The Pro Series: Advanced Concepts volume I videos
An in-depth talk on how to improve any audio system
Clear instructions on how you can improve your mixes
Details of acoustics that you need to know
Info about speakers that will improve any systems performance
Apply this info to your home theater system too!
(compatible with all analogue and software systems, and all types of DAW software)
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